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Date added: 21/01/2013 aquatherm


DIN / ISO 9001 - certified company Aquatherm is the world leader in water supply, heating, cooling, air conditioning and fire extinguishing tubes and fitting production.

Quality - Aquatherm GmbH Company pays great attention to product quality. It is proved not only by the characteristics of German and international standards, but also by customers, installation and project positive feedback. For more information on this issue you can find on Aquatherm-'s German sites.

Guarantee - company Aquatherm is able to give a ten-year guarantee on its high quality pipeline -produced by the manufacturer to 4,500,000 responsibility euro for all miles and fittings.

Today the company Aquatherm has 4 plants, the total area of ​​it is more than 80.000 m2:

1. Aquatherm Attendorn

2. Aquatherm Radeberg

3. Aquatherm-metall Attendorn

4. Aquatherm in Italy

The company has more than 450 workers. Annually produces sends to outsourcers’ and is kept in warehouses for 44,000 kilometers of pipes and 85 million molded details.

Today Aquatherm is represented by companies in the world's 71 countries, in many areas Undeniable leader, also is innovative and flexible company and can compete with great concerns.

Since 1998 official representative of company Aquatherm in Georgia is Ltd Hydrotherm.

List of products:

1. Fusiotherm - Aquatherm green pipe                                                      (Browse products)

2. Climatherm - Aquatherm blue pipe                                                       (Browse products)

3. Warm floor system - Aquatherm orange pipe                                       (Browse products)

4. Aquatherm firestop - red pipe                                                                (Browse products)

5. Aquatherm-climasystem - black system                                                (Browse products)

6. Aquatherm® SHT - grey pipe                                                                 (Browse products)

7. Aquatherm Lilac pipe                                                                              (Browse products)