aquatherm firestop - aquatherm red pipe

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Firestop - Sprinkler Pipe System

We offer consumers the aquatherm firestop pipe system, consisting of plastic pipes and fittings for water and foam automatic sprinkler fire suppression systems.

The system is based on a reinforced polypropylene pipe Faser composite pipe, produced in a multi-layer extrusion process.

The material fusiolen PP-R  FS used for the production of these pipes - is a plastic, which considers quality of the special demands of firefighting. Both the installer’s request for an easier processing and the demand for highest possible safety in later application was taken into account during its development.

Aquatherm Firestop is:

a)      great welding characteristics

The pipes are connected exclusively by welding at the molecular level, without sealants and adhesives.

b)      corrosion-proof

Prevents the clogging up of the sprinkler with corrosion products and this is ensuring a long, low-maintenance service life as well as trouble-free function of the system.

The production of pipes and fittings is effected according to highest quality demands on most modern injection molding machines and extrusion lines. The high quality of our products is also ensured by extensive controls of incoming goods and the production process.

The aquatherm quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


·         Certified and quality inspected

·         Great welding characteristics

·         Low weight in comparison with metal pipes

·         Resistance against corrosion and chemicals

·         No accumulation of products of corrosion

·         No accumulation of products of corrosion

·         Quick installation

·         Low pipe roughness Factor and high abrasion resistance

·         Good heat and sound insulation characteristics

·         High impact strength

·         Strong joining by heated tool socket welding

·         Elements for compacting in the joints (gaskets, etc.) are not needed

·         Three-layer pipe structure with reinforced middle layer of fiberglass

·         Pipes and fittings are not easily flammable


Flammability class B1 to DIN 4102-1