CHA/IK/WP 15÷61 CompactLine

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CHA/IK/WP 15÷61 reversible Heat Pumps with A CLASS energy efficiency are designed to meet the needs of small domestic or service sector environments. Equipped with R410A refrigerant and INVERTER Rotary/Scroll compressors, they are extremely functional and reliable units. The Inverter device controls and continuously modulates the compressor speed, keeping the temperature of the water delivered to the system stable and constant and adapting it perfectly to the thermal load of the places where terminal units it feeds are installed. This obtains high energy efficiencies and ESEER/IPLV values higher than conventional unit, and a reduction of compressor starting peak currents, thus considerably reducing the risk of malfunctioning or breakages. Moreover, CHA/IK/WP 15÷61 does not require inertial storage tanks, since the refrigerating capacity delivered is constantly equal to that required while guaranteeing very quiet operation because the fans adjust their speed to the real load of the system, with benefits above all during the night. It also prevents shutdown due to unexpected overloads, by means of an innovative control system which, on being activated, reduces the refrigerating capacity delivered while keeping the unit running.