CHA/ML/ST 41÷71 MidyLine

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MIDYLINE is the new line of Heat Pumps dedicated to hot water production up to 60 °C and operations up to -20 °C external air temperature, with Scroll compressors, axial fans and integrated hydronic unit. The unit, featuring A CLASS energy efficiency, is designed to singly handle winter heating, summer air conditioning and the production of high temperature hot water, making use of the electrical energy and heat accumulated in the clean air source, free and infinite, which can also transfer heat to homes. Flexibility is the main feature of the MIDYLINE series, which is also combined with heating units and managed by the innovative, intelligent AQUALOGIK control system, optimizing the water setpoint and regulating power supply voltage to the pump and fans, making use of an inertial tank unnecessary. This results in performance with elevated energy efficiency, silent functioning, optimized dimensions and costs. MIDYLINE is also able to operate in extreme conditions where the external air temperature is very low, as well as intelligently managing integrated elements such as furnaces and electrical coils. Based on the external air sensor, the microprocessor activates the single integration elements in the system.