RTA/K/ECO/REC-FX 182÷804 AirMaxi

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The outdoor “Roof Top” self-contained air conditioning units of the RTA/K series, with R410A refrigerant, which can be connected to a duct network for air distribution, are ideal for the air conditioning of large surface areas for public use such as halls, shopping centres, cafeterias, restaurants and health centres, or for industrial environments such as food processing or preservation centres. Equipped with extruded aluminium alloy sections and 50mm-thick sandwich panelling, these units are available in a cooling-only version and a version with reversible heat pump. They have a high degree of modularity and adaptability to every plant-engineering need since, in addition to the basic versions, it is also possible to add various solutions for the air treatment sections: mixing chamber, FREE-COOLING, cross-flow heat recuperator, humidifier, hot air generator, etc. The flat or pocket filters help to keep the air quality at a suitable level in order to guarantee appropriate hygiene standards.