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დამატების თარიღი: 06/02/2013 Clage წყალგამაცხელებელი სისტემები



Since 1951 CLAGE has specialized in the production and distribution of small but powerful electric water heating appliances.
In the range of small instantaneous water heaters, CLAGE has become a leader on the German market. CLAGE additionally set new standards by the development of innovative, ecologically and economically efficient units in the entire performance range, such as: 
  • Germany's principal manufacturer of small instantaneous water heaters (3 to 9 kW) with effective bare-heating system
  • First all-electronically controlled instant water heater with touch control panel (18 to 27 kW)
  • Sole on-demand instant water heater especially for kitchen sinks (11 to 13 kW)
CLAGE is based in Lüneburg and puts the very latest know-how on to the market with the benefit of an in-house R&D and ultra-modern facilities. Thanks to automation and manual labour we manufacture high-grade appliances, subject to a steady and strict quality control during production process. Each unit is checked for security, reliability and functionality at especially aligned test plants.
The domestic distribution is mainly made by sanitary/electrical handicraft companies as well as specialized traders. Our most important targets are customer proximity and outstanding flexibility. Our after-sales service is a competent partner for all your queries.
CLAGE also went global and is actively represented in all significant markets for instant water heaters world-wide.





About Calpak

35 years of experience in the conversion of sunlight into thermal energy and the provision of innovative solar thermal equipment. 

An immediate challenge for Calpak is to "build a case" for solar thermal energy, to develop efficient and cost effective solar products that can be successful even in a competitive, subsidy-free market.
CALPAK was founded in 1976 as a member of British Petroleum (BP) group and with its well-trained engineers and technicians, became a pioneer in research, production and development of solar energy applications. 
The range of our products includes: all types of solar collectors (with evacuated tubes, selective copper absorbers or sandwich type), hot water storage tanks of 150 up to 1000 lt, complete central solar systems for domestic hot water and space heating as well as thermosiphonic systems.