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დამატების თარიღი: 28/02/2013 Triplus®, the evolution of push-fit waste and drainage systems


Triplus®, the evolution of push-fit waste and drainage systems

The market’s increasing attention to waste and drainage systems, in particular to the correct design of systems and their hydraulic performance, convinced Valsir to create a particularly innovative product line.

Triplus® is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialized, produced and patented by Valsir that meets these requirements guaranteeing the levels of noise emissions in waste systems that are required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.

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Characteristics of excellence

  • Speed and extreme ease of installation thanks to the push-fit connection.
  • Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm.
  • Excellent soundproofing performance: 12 dB(A) with a flow rate of 2 l/s in compliance with European Standard EN 14366 (certificate P-BA 227/2006).
  • Resistance to intermittent discharges at temperatures as high as 95°C and high resistance to main chemical compounds.
  • High impact resistance at extremely harsh temperatures, as low as -25°C.


An extremely wide range

The range is composed of pipes, fittings and accessories from a 32 mm to 250 mm diameter. It is completed with pipe clips, which, when fitted with anti-vibration rubber allow a reduction in the vibrations that are transferred to the installation walls when the waste system is in use.

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Furthermore, Valsir is the only company that can supply a triple layer waste system with a Triplus® ventilation branch, the ideal solution in high-rise buildings where the simultaneous use factor of the sanitary appliances is high.


Certified quality

The range is produced to European Standard EN 1451 and certified by the most severe certification bodies.




Push-fit joints, installation ease and rapidity

Triplus1 guarantees practical and rapid installation without the use of glues or special tools thanks to the jointing system with push-fit sockets. The special geometry of the seal and the push-fit socket guarantee total water tightness and allow the normal movements of the pipeline including those caused by thermal expansion.

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